LEAN on me

The LEAN stools have no function standing alone – they need each other to lean on…
They require communication and cooperation between the users to create the possibility of sitting, and encourage playfulness as well as solidarity. This is an example on how furniture can influence our behavior, and generate unexpected social relations.

We find it very interesting how people act and communicate in urban spaces, which lead to an investigation of street furniture. An interesting case study is the Tuileries & Luxembourg gardens in Paris, where visitors have the freedom of moving around public furniture, creating different formations according to sunlight or social affiliations.

This dependency vs. independency inspire us to different conceptual furniture which encourage the establishment of relationships between people by being dependent on each other. The LEAN concept is a simple construction and the functionality is very easy to read. The prototypes were joyfully tried out by kids as well as adults who, with large enthusiasm, connected and disconnected the stools, when shown with Hidden Heroes in Zona Tortona, Milan 2010.

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