Unfold introduces a new concept called the table’s autonomy. Autonomy means that you are not dependent on others, but decide your own affairs. The table’s autonomy means that you should use the table according to its own principles. In other words, subordinate yourselves to the shape of the table.

Unfold breaks with the notion of a table, which often consists of a regular surface with legs. Why not make a table on its own premises?
People change their home all the time. Why not change the furniture so they can be used in different situations and sizes? Why not use a piece of furniture in an unconventional way?

The idea behind Unfold is based on a series of investigations that have led to redesigning the traditional dining table:

  • To reconsider the dining table in a manner similar to the society we live in today.
  • Furniture should not be defined in advance, but interpreted and used as needed in a given situation.
  • To design a sculptural object, which is also functional.
  • Unfold has its own identity in all setups and is designed with focus on flexibility, variability, dynamics and contrast.

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